The noisy home syndrome and its solutions

We live in a noisy world. Fast roaring trucks, load outdoor music, arguing neighbors: these are just some of the many noises disturbing our contemporary accommodations. And while it is almost never possible to influence the external noise factors, there are still some things we can consider when furnishing a home. Keep in mind those advices, for example.

1. Choose a back view rather than a street one. Try to find a block of flats with an entrance on the back. You may cause some difficulties to your post tenancy cleaning guys, entering your property with all the machinery, but a rear position of the flat will ensure you avoid the overly noisy street life, especially if you live in a tourist area.

2. Do a good noise insulation from your neighbors. To reduce both internal and external noise, you can cover your walls with fiber wool; it may reduce the actual dimensions of your rooms with a couple of square inches, but will definitely provide a cozier ambiance.

3. Use the latest technologies in windows and window frames. When choosing windows for your property, try to look for quality window frames and go for double or triple glass windows. These might be quite an investment, but be sure that will pay worthy with time. It will reduce both noise and heating costs.

4. Put carpets and upholstery where possible. Cover your floor with carpets for additional insulation. Use fabric curtains instead of plastic ones. You will reduce the noise quite efficiently, and your home will look nicer. It is true that carpets usually serve as dust and dirt catchers, but with the right carpet cleaners, that should not be a trouble.

As you can see, the battle with the noisy home syndrome is not yet lost. We still have what to do when picking up and furnishing a home. You can also contribute to home quietness  by choosing low noise rating appliances and children toys. Also, choose the lowest possible volume for your TV, mobile phone or kids computer games, and you will see how enjoyable and quiet your home would become.