3 tricks to control pet hair around your home

How to remove pet hairAs every pet owner you probably regard your cat or dog as a member of the family and take good care of them. However, having a pet is not only taking it for a walk or buying food and toys from the pet store. It is a responsibility you have to be prepared for. If you are not willing to clean up the mess or have your precious sofa a bit damaged, then, you should think twice before getting a furry friend.

However, the biggest problem in every house where a cat or dog lives is the hair they leave on every surface. Here are some tips on how to improve the unpleasant situation.

  • Change the bedding as frequently as possible or at least once a week. This will help you keep pet’s hair around the house to the minimum. Another effective solution is protecting the vulnerable surfaces by placing a cover such as a blanket and wash it every weekend.
  • Your domestic cleaning assistants London can help you reduce the pet’s’ hair. Before the next cleaning visit, you can make a list of cleaning procedures and include mopping the floor or using a rubber glove or a slightly damp sponge for the furniture. These two methods are widely used and they really do miracles when it comes to making the hairs come off the sofa.
  • Although vacuuming removes the bigger part of the hair from the carpet, you cannot remove all of them unless you take advantage of professional carpet cleaning services London. During such a service, all dirt including pets’ hair is completely extracted with the help of powerful machines.

Having a pet at home does not mean your house will be a complete mess all the time. You can try these ideas and you will see that they actually work. Plus, these are some of the least expensive solutions to that problem. If you cannot deal with the hair on your own, you can always rely on cleaning professionals. They know how to keep your home neat and tidy.