Annoying Habits Messy People Have

Messy peopleIf you are among those people who always want their home to be spick and span, but you live with someone who does not regard neatness and cleanliness as something really important, things get a bit difficult and the quarrels about neatness are really fierce. You keep asking them to try to keep the place as tidy as possible so when you invite a friend to come over you are not ashamed by the clutter and the thick layer of dirt on the furniture. Your requests probably have a sporadic effect as it is difficult to make someone who is not used to keep a place clean tidy up after themselves. Here are the most annoying habits messy people have:

  • They walk into the house with dirty shoes. All messy people forget things such as their wallet or the car keys and so when they get to the car and realize they cannot unlock the door. They usually rush back to the house to get the keys without taking their shoes off and pretend they are in a hurry. So, don’t be surprised when the next carpet cleaning service takes a bit longer because of the dirty traces and stains carpet cleaners Chiswick have to deal with.
  • They leave their stuff everywhere and you cannot find that item when you need it. If you live with a messy person you have probably found items placed at weird places instead of where they belong to which can be really frustrating. Finding a hammer near the flower pots or a jar of coffee onto the washing machine sound familiar, doesn’t it?
  • They never do the house chores unless you ask them at least ten times. When you get back home after a tiresome day at work you have to tidy up, do a pile of dishes, fold the clothes and eventually have some rest. That can be a real burden, so you’d better book domestic cleaning service Chiswick and let the maids tidy up and keep the house clean for you.

Are these situations familiar to you? How do you deal with them?