Best ways to use the garage if you don’t own a car

How to use the garage if you haven't a carGarage is the most convenient storage space for things that you don’t want to see anymore but you also cannot find strength to throw away. Can’t it be more useful?! If you don’t have a car and there is no corpse there, you may give it a good clean up and prepare a renovation.

  1. Lab/ atelier/ workshop. Ever dreamed of a place where you can work not bothered from kids, partner and pets?! Take the needed precautions and install the equipment you need.
  2. Home gym/ theater. Nice time or tuned body? Another purpose for which you can use the spare space.
  3. Winter garden. For this you may need a couple of serious renovations as roof replacement with glass panels and possible additional heating for the winter if you live in colder region. It’s important to control the temperature, humidity and the quantity of the light if you want to create winter paradise in a limited space.
  4. Man cave. Most men desire a space for themselves and their friends. Comfy couch, big TV, Play Station, maybe a poker table and your design is ready. Though men are not the most reliable carpet cleaners, a rug can bring nice touch in this shelter.
  5. Guest room. This can be a major project that includes heating and flooring, insulation and wall-paint. The list of the furniture may start with bed, nightstand and wardrobe but if you have more space, you can add sitting area and even a bathroom.
  6. Home office. Garage gives a privacy that no space inside the house can. Furnish it with whatever you need, decorate it and it will pay back. Even if the house is subject of end of tenancy cleaning services, you’ll still be able to work in peace.

If these doesn’t sound appealing for you, think of your own project. Don’t let the space to waste!