Check out these extravagant beds

Luxury bedsA person spends almost one third of his or her life in the bed. That explains why its right choice is of the utmost importance. Designers today are trying not just to create beautiful and extravagant beds, but those who can be sold for thousands of dollars. Here are some of those unique beds:

  • Parnian Furniture Bed (worth 210,000 US dollars). The designer Abdolhay Parnian perceives the furniture, which he creates, as works of art. He has created the most expensive bed after two years of hard work. The end result would surely relish every millionaire. The model is consistent with the latest trends in technology and features a hidden space, pop-up televisions and computer monitors and even stands for iPad. Just imagine – with such a bed, end of tenancy cleaning Fulham will be actually the easiest part of moving out.
  • Jado Steel Style Gold Bed (worth 676 550 US dollars). The name of the second extremely expensive model suggests that the bed is covered with 24-carat gold and many Swarovski crystals. The luxury model is even equipped with a DVD player, a Bose audio system, Blu-ray player, Playstation 3, folding gold-plated plasma tv and possibility of Internet connection.
  • Magnetic Floating Bed (worth 6 million US dollars). Perhaps the most unexpected proposal is the magnetic bed, which is in the air at about 40 cm above the ground. It is the work of the Dutchman Ruijssenaars, who has been working on that creation for over six years. The designer definitely did an excellent job, because the model can withstand nearly a ton weight.
  • Baldacchino Supreme (worth 6.3 million US dollars). When you can’t get a more expensive technology, you just bet on luxury. So in fact the model of Stuart Hughes has turned out to be the most expensive bed in the world. It is covered with 107 kilograms of 24 k gold and is covered with the best Italian silk. If you had a bed like that, then domestic cleaning Fulham of your bedroom would be more than required.

Nowadays the furniture manufacturers and designers offer various models of creative beds, with a wide range of styles and forms as many of them are offered at affordable prices. You have freedom to decorate your bedroom in almost any way possible – take the chance!