Competition in the office – good or bad?

Competition between employeesNo matter what industry you work in competition today is inevitable. Every employee is estimated not only for his own capacities and knowledge, but also in comparison with others. Let’s look a little deeper the question for office rivalry:

  • It is difficult to say what is the reason for competition – whether from employees themselves, who seek not only to keep their jobs, but also to gain promotion or bosses who incite rivalry in the company hoping every one of the people to give their best. The final result, however, is one – though seemingly gentle staying on the desks, office staff is more like sprinters who with their last forces try to jump as many obstacles and reach the finish line first. This way they expect approval, increase in salary or a higher position. By the way, even the office cleaners compete with each other.
  • What may be the consequences of this rivalry? On one hand indeed, competition challenges us to show the best of ourselves because, as you’ve probably noticed, you do not realize your abilities until you feel pressured by circumstances. In addition, competitive spirit creates real intrigue in otherwise monotony working weekday and it’s a proven remedy against boredom in the office.
  • However, competition is double-edged sword. It can either motivate us and give us disable. To win more points in front of our colleagues, we often remain in office after the regular working time and we neglect personal life and leisure time. You may fail in your end of tenancy cleaning, for example. This leads to constant stress, which sooner or later will lead to a complete mental exhaustion. And as you have probably convinced this inevitably affects our physical health.

But even if not exhausting, competition may rather hinder than to help our work. Often it causes us to focus our energy in the wrong direction. What do you think?