Declutter your car in 6 easy steps

How to organize your carDo you regard your car as a closet where you store more or less useful items that you consider necessary? If you do, don’t be surprised that the back seat is so stuffed that you basically cannot offer a ride to more than one person. If you think it is time for a thorough cleanup, you’d better read the lines below as they might give you a better idea about the most efficient methods for car decluttering.

  • If you have ever moved from one house to another, you know that the end of tenancy cleaners London need the house emptied before they start working. In other words, take everything out of the car and sort out the items.
  • Do some vigorous cleaning. Vacuuming, dusting and window cleaning London are the three main components of the car decluttering.
  • Once you have placed the similar items together, you’d better find an appropriate box and store them into it. Don’t forget that the car kit should be at an easy to reach place, so the next time you need tools or supplies you know exactly where the kit is.
  • Get yourself several of these small zip bags where you can store the important papers for the car and the basic emergency supplies you might need. The best place where you can keep them is in the glovebox.
  • If you have a kid, the floor of your car is probably full of pencils, small toys and coloring books. Pick them up from the floor and buy one or two of those pockets you can hang on the back of the front seats and put your kid’s stuff in there.
  • A double decker for the boot can do miracles. You will never have your groceries smashed. Plus, the next time you go on a family vacation, you will be able to fit more bags in the boot.

Don’t neglect the car cleaning. You probably do house cleaning every week, so why don’t you do this with your car as well? You will definitely feel cosier while traveling.