Do you love cocktails? Enjoy London Cocktail Week!

Enjoy London Cocktail WeekAre you a drink lover? Do you need more cocktails to have hotter, nicer and more remarkable night out in London? Well, your time has come, because the well-known scenario from the 1988-year Hollywood movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise is about to become a reality in the best cocktail bars across the British Capital. The annual London Cocktail Week is about to hit the London night streets and to astonish the bored night lovers in the local bars. Are you ready for some awesome cocktail tastes and some additional show programs, parties and events? Well, it is time for you to find your best party outfit and jump into the night life of London to become a part of London Cocktail Week! Check out some more details about the event:

The London Cocktail Week provides you the chance to see how the best barmen work with the shaker and prepare seducing and heady drinks! If you are keen on the consumption only, do not worry, because almost all the bars that are included in the event will give you a large abundance of cocktails to taste and add to your night adventure in the city.

– When? – The London Cocktail Week will take part from 6th to 12th of October 2014 year. Join the event at least once, because later you will regret on what you would miss – electronic disco nights, special programs with masks, games and shows! And all of these will be spiced with litters of the most popular and the most exotic cocktails.

– Prices – to become a part of each night during the London Cocktail Week, you will need to get a wristband. It will cost you only 10 pounds, but it will give you an entrance to all of those cocktail bars. Here is an example from the last year annual London Cocktail Week. There were almost 18 thousands participants registered, who have visited about 160 bars and became parts of almost 180 events with special shows and wonderful cocktails.