Edible cleaners come to the rescue! – Part 1

Great news for everyone that hates using commercial cleaning detergents because of all the potential hazards they present – warning symbols such as poisonous, danger, keep away from children usually make us all nervous and house cleaning turns into even more tedious task. Not speaking of the fact that some of them can cause chronic respiratory problems. But did you know that there are incredible cleaners that are actually edible? You can clean your house top-to-bottom with everyday products such as ketchup, potatoes and olive oil. Read on – check how easy is to toss all the harmful cleaning products and replace them with edible ones.

  • Olive oil – little did you know you can polish your wood floors and furniture with it.  If your wooden items were originally treated with an oil finish you can bring them back to life – olive oil will hydrate dried-out and worn wood and can even remove scratches from it. There are two recipes to make olive oil polish – the first one is to mix a cup of olive oil with half a cup of lemon juice in a ceramic or glass container. Use a soft polishing cloth to give your furniture a good rub and allow to air dry. You second option is to combine ¾ cup olive oil and ¼ cup white vinegar. Apply the solution with a clean soft cloth and make sure you don’t leave it to soak in. In both ways you can use the cheapest olive oil you can find in the supermarket – it will do the job. Don’t keep the solutions for long – it’s recommended to make and use them on the same day.
  • Ketchup – it seems that there are many reasons to love ketchup – beside from being the perfect companion for fries and nuggets, you can actually revive the colour and shine to your copper cookware and treat your scratched disk with it! Squeeze ketchup directly on the pots and let it sit for about half an hour or apply some on a clean soft cloth and give your cookware a good rub – both ways work efficiently. You will see how after a little bit of polishing tarnished areas will start to shine again. How to repair your scratched CD or DVD with ketchup? Rub over with a soft cloth small amount of it on the scratches – ketchup will fill the cracks but won’t leave residues behind. Let it dry and your CD should be working again.
  • Onions – this may be a smelly procedure but little did you know you can clean your windows with onion solution? Pour some warm water in a bucket, cut an onion into large pieces and put them in the water. Leave them for about 30 minutes until the onion juices are well-infused will the water. Remove the onion and use the water as a solution to sparkle your windows without streaks. Why this works? The onion juices release Organosulfur that is a natural disinfectant cleaner attacking microscopic bacteria – it is often an ingredient found in detergents used for professional window cleaning. Smelly, yet effective way to spruce up your windows!
  • Potatoes – we love fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and pretty much everything about them. We’ll add one more appropriate use of this vegetable – it can help you to remove rust from your baking pans. Cut a raw potato in half and dip it in baking soda or salt for extra scrubbing properties. After that, rub it gently over the rusty area. When the potato gets slick, slice it and put more abrasive – do this until the rust is all gone and rinse. You can do this method to remove rust from knives, baking pans, cast iron and other household items.Cleaning with food
  • Black tea – warm and calming to our bodies, tea makes us love it unconditionally. However, did you know you can polish your floors with it? Because black tea contains tannins, it can bring out wood’s natural warm colours and freshen it. Another interesting fact is that black tea that is extracted from Camellia sinensis plant has preventing microbial growth properties. You will need to make concentrated tea depending on the colour of your wood floor – if you have light one use 4-5 bags of tea, if it is dark – about 10 bags. For medium colour 8 bags should do the work. Bring to boil about 10 cups of water and steep the tea bags for about 10 minutes. Let it cool until it’s lukewarm and get your mop! First, test on a small area if the tone is fine for your floor. After that start mopping as usual and make sure you do not soak your floors in the tea solution.
  • Fizzy drinks – if you pour some inside your toilet bowl, it will attack the limescale. This works properly because of the phosphoric and carbonic acid – pour a bottle into the toilet bowl and around the rim and leave it for few hours or better overnight. You will see how most of the dirt and limescale will be dissolved – just flush afterwards. Still you might need to scrub a little with the toilet brush if you are dealing with more stubborn stains.
  • Lemon juice – this is one of your truest assistants when it comes to performing almost any domestic cleaning procedure. You can effectively shine your chrome faucets and surfaces with a lemon cut in half – rub it directly onto the area until you remove spots and stains. Use lemon juice as a substitute for bleach – add a cup to your laundry and it will whiten and freshen your clothes! Different messes on your oven can be removed successfully if you apply a paste of lemon juice and baking soda on the spot – let it sit and wipe with a soft cloth.

Check your kitchen cabinets now and discover a whole new world of cleaning supplies you haven’t even dreamed of!