House cleaning schedule including your family

Family cleaning scheduleThe cleaning time could be the scariest time, right! Especially provided that you are not alone in the house with your husband and the kids around. You start to think that more people mean more cleaning and less free time for fun. This is the sad truth, indeed. To turn this all around you may create a schedule of cleaning duties that include every member of your family.

You can sit down quietly one evening with, or without the family and create the new house rule – cleaning by schedule for everyone. Take your time to think about what you require to be done and make sure to get everyone well acquainted with it. Do not fear from any resistance – there will be a lot of grumpy faces and unwilling words. Stay firm!

Here you will find a brief summary of what you should do:

  • Start by setting limits between daily, weekly and monthly chores. Consider the ability of each family member and set personal tasks on absolute minimum. You have to be patient as it may take some time for them to turn into professional cleaners.
  • Have the schedule written down and displayed on a wall in the common area.
  • Have every needed detergent in stock all the time – this will limit the most common excuse for job not done.
  • Always consider that you should reward accuracy and performance. Create a family day off from domestic cleaning.

And remember – these are not professional cleaning services that you get from your family. Just praise the hard work accordingly.

That distribution of tasks creates habits that can be used in every other aspect of life – sport, professional development, personal relations, etc. You will have more free time to enjoy each other or everyone’s leisure activities.

And finally, there can be numerous printable models of this family schedule on the net. Should you need some external help – you can turn to them. Be creative, be up-to-date, be a super mom and super wife, which has the perfect family compassionate for all house chores.

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