How to make an introvert feel happy

How to understand introvertsWe all know people who are introverts. Sometimes we find it hard to communicate with them. Actually there are some rules you need to follow and you will even make your friends introverts feel happy. Check them out:

  • Learn to wait the introvert when it’s necessary – people of this type consider carefully the events and the words, so they need time for that. Pressing him or interrupting him will return him in its comfort zone where he is untouchable. Just stop talking and wait. Give him more time. You can paraphrase some of his sentences in questions as a way to show that interests you.
  • Get used to the silence. Many people wrongly think that the silence between the two, necessarily means boredom and monotony. This is a paradise for your introverted man or child. For them it is comfort and convenience and simply share it with you. Look for more ways to communicate with them, outside the face-to-face. Send your SMS and talk to them while driving or walking. The lack of direct contact and the need to be “trapped” with eyes will relax him.
  • Relieve their public appearances. If you work with an introvert and you have a close relationship, you can be a mediator between him and the others. When you discuss important things, then, recognize his merits and share them with the larger group. No matter if it comes to tenancy cleaning services or accounting – this rule is 100% valid. This will save this person from speaking in front of many people, which terrifies him.
  • Save your words and be specific. If you’re wordy with introverts you will not have any success. So first prepare him that you will have to say something with frugal words and quiet voice, without much gesticulation and explain clearly and accurately. Do not think that these efforts are in vain. You can even meet maids who are introverts – it’s not impossible. From introverts you can hear deep and successive reflections, and a good understanding of the nature of things.

Follow these simple hacks when you communicate with introverts and you will have success.