How to make your attic look really beautiful?

Ideas for the attic interior

Recently the attic was one of the most neglected areas in housing. However, if you are brave enough and unleash your imagination, you can turn it into an incredibly cozy living room. Because of architectural features (sloping ceilings, skylights, etc.) living room will become quite comfortable and interesting room. Check out these ideas for your attic:

  • Artistic room – in case it is enough spacious and you have a perfect plan, the ceiling can get a fantastic look. You will create an artistic atmosphere, if one wall becomes a gallery of paintings and the other – a classical library. And if there are stairs leading to the second level of the attic room, this will add a bright touch.
  • Bright room – the ceiling can become a very bright room with an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Numerous windows, white color scheme, playful color elements and rattan armchairs – all that will contribute to create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Chic and elegance – it is possible to transform your attic in ultra-modern and chic living room. Symmetrically placed windows will import geometric element and extra light. You can add sofa in gray, wall shelves for books and accent chairs with colorful upholstery. This will create a cozy and modern decor, for which your house cleaners Kensington will take a good care.
  • Eco ceiling – the variety of household patterns, warm colors, shiny fabrics and natural materials help to create incredibly cozy, eclectic living room and attic beams complement the unique interior.
  • Romance – you can decorate walls and ceiling with shiny, pink wallpaper. Thus you will get an interesting effect in the space. Wallpapers are cheap and this won’t be a problem for you even if you live on rent and some day you will need post tenancy cleaning Kensington procedure. Select a color scheme in soft hues and you won’t regret it.

If you have an attic, you don’t know how lucky you are! Apply some of these ideas and make this space look fantastic!