How to remove pomegranate stains – hacks

Perhaps you will agree, that pomegranate stains are really annoying and persistent. However you can try the efficient method with the yoghurt. This is a wonderful technique to clean your clothes without any harsh chemicals. There is also no need to spend any money for dry cleaning, because all you need you can find in your household. Follow these simple steps and eliminate pomegranate stains:

  • Things, that you need: yogurt/fresh milk; a bowl of warm water; some liquid soap or dishwashing product.
  • 1st step: start by hand-washing the spotted area with warm water mixed with some liquid soap. Try gently with your fingers to remove as much of the juice as  possible.
  • 2nd step: apply some yoghurt to the stained place and then leave it soaked for at least a couple of hours.
  • 3rd step: finish this domestic cleaning Islington procedure by washing the fabric once again. That’s pretty much it! If you don’t have yoghurt at the moment, you can also use fresh milk and follow the same steps for best results.
  • Another way to remove pomegranate stains is with lemon juice or baking soda. Before using any of these, check the label of the fabrics and make sure that those products are safe for your clothes.
  • In case nothing else helps, use some oxygen bleach to the spot. Leave for a  couple of minutes and then carefully rinse with water. You can also ask your carpet cleaners Wimbledon if they use oxygen bleach sometimes.

Be careful with pomegranates! They are super tasty and healthy, but if it happens to mess up your clothes, don’t panic and try this little-known, but quite effective method.