Ideas for creating a charming dining room with red accents

Red accents for dining room

Red is not always the first color that comes to mind when decorating the living room or bedroom, because there it should be used carefully and in moderation. But when it comes to the dining room, red color is favorite of many people. It’s often used in homes and other establishments. Many designers prefer to use this color as an accent. However, if the design of the dining room is well thought out, red would be appropriate not only during the Christmas holidays and Valentine’s Day, but throughout the whole year. Check out some suggestions:

  • Painting in red. Unlike warm shades of yellow, the use of red for the walls is more difficult. And yet, when the walls are painted in this color, they will fit very well in rooms or in traditional Mediterranean style. In most modern kitchens, however, is not easy to use red so emphatically, so the color is usually combined with white decorative moldings. This creates a pleasant contrast and bold effect is mitigated. Your house cleaners Battersea will be definitely impressed.
  • Carefully selected highlights. Highlights also enable bold red hues for the interior of a room. Accessories are a great way to use bright, dominant colors in the stylish and modern dining rooms. You can rely on red, attractive vases, narrow decorative cover that is placed on the other tablecloth, candlesticks in red. You can also experiment as you add larger items such as colored chairs that will capture your attention.
  • Creativity and style. The hardest thing about working with red it is to successfully combine it with other elements of the dining room in contemporary style. If you are not satisfied only with red accents, you can find another solution that is simple and fun. Perhaps in the room there is a small niche or some architectural detail, allowing to create a magical effect with fresh color.
  • In case you will need post tenancy cleaning Battersea some day, you can only purchase some home items in red color. Then you can take them with you in the new property.

What about you? Are you ready to use the red colour for your dining room or you find this idea too bold?