Live healthy in the office – mission possible

Stay healthy at officeWe all have probably read several times what to do at work, especially if you sit at a desk all day. But do you follow these tips? Many of us miss practicing healthy activities in the office, but on the whole our body suffers. Here’s what you can start doing or not doing, when you are in the office and sit at your desk!

  • Avoid rigid posture for hours. The human body was designed to move. Immobilization is detrimental to organs and systems. If you have to sit in a static position all day, try to spend a few minutes at regular intervals for a short stretch. Stretching can affect your body well for overall, even if you do not have time to walk to the kitchen. Stretch from time to time – it reduces back pain, also the pains in neck and shoulders, which are the most common symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle. You can undertake some simple sofa cleaning in your premises. Just wipe with a soft cloth and remove the dust. Thus you will make some movements and your sofa will look better too.
  • Avoid dehydration. Be sure to walk to the kitchen and pour enough water. Hydration is very important because it reduces the risks of uncontrolled snack on the desk. Most people tend to eat any cookies, chocolate bars, oatmeal treats, supposedly helpful, but mixed with artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers. Don’t watch the carpet cleaning specialists, who eat that stuff – they burn more energy than you.
  • Sit in an upright posture. Do not arch your back. Always try to sit well with upright and leaning back in the chair. If you must, bring your cushion with which to rest. Try to adjust the height of the chair so your elbows are at the level of the keyboard. The monitor screen should not be too close to your eyes. Also it is not good to be too low. If necessary, place it on a book or two to reach the level of your eyes.
  • Eliminate food that makes you feel a heavy belly. Heavy food that causes gas, bloating or irritation is not appropriate for the office. If you can cook and your office has well-equipped kitchen, you may bring homemade food and warm it in the microwave.

You spend the biggest part of the day in your office, so try to follow these simple, healthy tips and you will feel much better.