Mop and bucket – the enemies of your tiles and grout

Is the dirty water making impossible to clean the grout?
Do you have troubles with cleaning your tile or stone floor and especially the grout? The problem could be your mop and bucket.

The surface of your floor is much easier to clean than the grout. No matter how hard you try, often the grout continues to look… well, just dirty.

It’s not your fault. Whether you use vacuum cleaner, a broom, a mop with a disposable cleaning pad or even traditional mop, you may face some difficulties to have your floor as clean as you wish.

Grimy grout lines can be cleaned applying a bit of agitation. Spray your tiles with a cleaning detergent and wait so the dirt is loosened. Use a toothbrush or other small brush to scrub the surface and between the tiles. The process is quite simple.

For porcelain floors or ceramic tiles you can use safely either alkaline or even more aggressive acidic cleaning agents. For stone floors you should use stone-safe alkaline detergents.

So who is the biggest enemy of your grout? It may seem quite surprising, but that might be your mop and bucket.

When you start cleaning your floor, you fill the bucket with fresh water. However,… During the mopping the water becomes grey, then darker and darker and at the end is nothing but dirt. So you’re ending with spreading black water all over tiles, even rubbing it deep into the grout, and it turned out you create your own problem.

The filthy water moistens the gout lines and evaporates, leaving behind only the grime. Even is your floor is sealed, it soils it, staying on the surface, but it’s visible.

The prevention is: eliminate the mop and the bucket from your cleaning routine.

Sweep or vacuum the floor well to get rid of any loose soil. Then clean the surface of your tiles using steam mop or a mop with a disposable pad.

You can use the services of a cleaning company, so they clean your tiled floor to perfection. Then it’s a matter of a simple maintenance.