Pain in the spine – causes and how to deal with it

How to deal with pain in the spineThe reasons for back pain can be a lot – from innate feature of the skeleton to passed illness in childhood and injuries. The most common and prosaic, however, is incorrect posture. The problem deepens and becomes aesthetic – poor posture and bad health, because the spine is the main support of our bodies and our health center. Even one day you take a firm decision, that these pains should be ended, correction of posture is not an easy task – we need to change many habits, but most often we have to change our entire lifestyle.

  • From pain in the back complain increasingly young women, while men pains appear at a later age. The logical question arises, why? Because women become a victim of fashion – high heels, huge bags, breast augmentation slowly and imperceptibly distorted spine. Office work is also a risk factor. These seemingly innocent things lead to poor posture. Deep end of tenancy cleaning Kensington may also cause back pain, but at least you do it rarely.
  • When we walk with high heels, the center of gravity of the body moves. It sculpts tempting butt, but unfortunately is bad for musculoskeletal system. More fatigue, pain, permanent deformation of the spine – these are the consequences. If you do not want to completely give up the benefits of high heels, just try throughout the day to swap two pairs of shoes with varying height. So backbone will change its position and will not deform permanently.
  • The bags also create problems. The reason is that you always wear them on the same side – mostly left. So posture is distorted. All this happens automatically, without thinking it, because that is virtually impossible to control it. Even when we took the bag body keeps this poor posture because it is already “accustomed”.
  • Back pain can be caused not only by our desire for beauty, but also the way of work. All day sitting in one position aligns shoulders forward. To compensate, you have to lead an active life in your free time and use every opportunity to walk. Ask your carpet cleaners Ealing how they deal with this pain, you can receive precious information.

What about you? Do you feel back pain?