Picnic time – what do you need?

It's time for picnicThe picnic is not just another lunch, but a way to release the tension. It allows us to touch nature with minimal effort, and to communicate freely. Therefore at a certain day and time, invite your friends and list everything you need.

  • First, determine the place – coast of the lake or river, forest or a special shelter. Let yourself be away from the main road, so you can enjoy complete peace, but still be accessible by car to avoid bringing the basket with food for kilometers.
  • Secondly you need to decide whether you will cook the food for the picnic in advance or on the spot. Both options have their advantages. In the first case you will have all the conditions for a more sophisticated culinary performances, but what tastes better than freshly baked meat and vegetables. In fact, part of the food you may prepare in advance, for example salads and spice them just before serving. If you want to cook fish on the barbecue it’s necessary to put it in the cooler. Otherwise it can be literally spoiled for hours. Even your carpet cleaners London are aware of that.
  • Barbecue does not mean only meat menu. Grilled whole peppers, mushrooms and other vegetables are extremely delicious. In the embers you can bury large potatoes. This will provide not only an easy and tasty side dish, but also an alternative for vegetarians. For dessert the most appropriate option is fruit.
  • When it comes to the devices that will be needed for food preparation, you will need more charcoal, matches and spirit to fuel, gloves and tongs.
  • Of course, you can make a real fire. However, this option is more labor intensive because you have to collect appropriate wood sticks and to build a fireplace with stones. However, there is one significant advantage – you can bring with you only grill.
  • Picnic tablecloths and also blankets on which to put the table are required. Take them, even, if you choose a place with gazebo, because inevitably after heavy lunch, you will want to lie down.
  • And last but not least – take care of entertainment. Take with you cards, backgammon, various games, badminton, soccer ball. The important thing is that no one gets bored. Forget about your work, your upcoming end of tenancy cleaning London and other problems.

Do not forget the camera in order to keep warm memories of cold winter days.