Smart uses of flour at home

Uses of flour different than baking

A lot of people share the opinion that flour is used only in the kitchen – pancakes, bread and cookies. They are not wrong as we can make a lot of tasty things with its help. But, they are not aware of the fact that flour can be used in other tasks around your household. Check them out.

  • Are you in a constant fight with ants and cockroaches? If the answer is positive, flour is here to help. Mix equal amounts of white flour and Boric acid – usually a cup of each works fine. Sprinkle the powder whenever you find those insects and they will eventually eat this mixture. You will get rid of them in no time! The only unpleasant thing is that you should keep pets and kids away from the powder as the Boric acid is poisonous.
  • Do you want to bring back the freshness of your stainless steel sink? Have in mind that flour can help you with the domestic cleaning Chelsea as it can shine stainless steel appliances. Sprinkle some flour on your dry sink, for instance, rub it gently and let it sit for a couple of minutes. All you need to do after that is rinse it away!
  • Advice we heard from end of tenancy cleaning experts Chelsea is that you can polish your copper objects by using a simple mixture. You have to mix equal parts of salt, flour and white vinegar. You should apply this paste on your copper objects and let it dry. After that you should wipe them with a soft cloth – flour can give them a good shine!
  • Last but not least, are you impatient when it comes to waiting your avocados to ripen? Don’t wait a week but cover them in white flour. Use a deep bowl and leave them for about a day. You will speed up the process and the avocado will be ready to eat in no time!

As you can see even if you are not keen on baking, you can still make a great use of flour at home!