The way of dancing reveals our personality

The way of dancing reveals our personalityThe way you move on the dance floor, can reveal a lot about what personality you are. Your movements only at first glance seem spontaneous. Behind them hidden features of your character are seen. The way of dancing makes you more or less extroverted, closed or distanced. Specialists have analyzed the movements of dancers amateurs, then subjected them to psychological test. The result is clear – as on the dance floor, the same in life. It is made a connection between gestures, movements of parts of the body (hips, legs, neck and hands) with the speed of movement – fast, energetic, flexible and chaotic. We offer 3 characters – judge which one belongs to you.

* With many movements. It shows that you are energetic and confident person. This way of dancing is typical for extroverted natures that are very agile on the dance floor and in life. You like to be among people, to have fun and to be surrounded by friends. You easily communicate with strangers and make new acquaintances. This coincides with the impression you create in others – you love being in the spotlight. Even deep spring cleaning is not a problem for you.

* With tenderness and grace. You create the impression that you glide across the dance floor. In your dance you have an idea, thought and great behavior. You’re open to experiments. Your choreography has lots of charm and talks about optimistic and joyful temperament. You feel equally well with heels and sneakers, because you are relaxed and gentle.

* With sharp gestures. You throw your arms and legs in all directions. The feeling is that your movements are chaotic and it creates the impression that you are emotionally unstable. These wild gestures characterized you as restless personality, a person of independence and freedom-loving nature. The bad thing is that your mood is constantly changing and you are prone to stress. You can be suddenly angry to random people, such as your end of lease cleaners. You need sentimental support.

What do you think? Do you belong to one of these character types?