Tips for quick and easy ironing

Most of the modern fabrics do not require ironing. But there are clothes that simply cannot be worn, if they are not precisely ironed. These are mostly male pants and shirts, as well as girls’ skirts. The most important condition for good and fast ironing is the perfect organization. In this respect, check out our useful tips:

  • The ironing board must be well lit in order to notice unwanted creases in time and to be able to remove them.
  • Although the ironing board is covered with soft tissue, you should put a piece of cloth on it. The thinner the fabric you iron is, the thicker the fabric underneath it must be.
  • If there is a whole bunch of clothes for ironing, then you have to sort them by type of materials. Start with a minimum of heated iron while ironing synthetic fabrics and silk and gradually raise the temperature for the clothing, made of cotton and linen.
  • If you can afford it, buy a sprayer with a special softener for ironing – it not only softens the clothes, but also gives them a gorgeous aroma. Your domestic cleaners London may recommend you a good one.
  • Spray the clothes and leave them for a few minutes to dry well. Before ironing make sure the iron is not contaminated and is not overheated so you won’t burn the fabric and will not let a dirty stain on it. It is enough to wipe the iron with a dry cloth.
  • Only absolutely clean clothes can be ironed, because even the almost invisible stains may become noticeable after ironing.
  • After you are done, hang the clothes on hangers and allow them to cool for an hour before you place them in the closet. Otherwise, they will wrinkle.
  • In any case of moving out of a house, you should start ironing and packing your stuff before the end of tenancy cleaning London. If you are not going to have the right conditions for storage of the clothes, then there is no need to iron them at all.
  • Iron slowly as you start from the wide to the narrow areas. Ironing must be done along the length of the garment, rather than its width.
  • Men’s shirts must be ironed on the reverse side. The same goes for the colorful in order not to leave any bright lines on them.
  • The woolen fabrics must be ironed on the reverse side, and then on the front side. In order not to remain any traces, you should put a damp tissue on the fabric.

Well, as much as you think ironing is annoying, you can’t deny that you like the end result. So every effort is worth it, isn’t it?