What is amigurumi?

Amigurumi - knitted cuties Knitwear is back with a new face. In short, amigurumi is what will help you to save from buying toys and why not start your own business?! The trend of these stuffed dolls appears in Japan several decades ago. In Europe and America it comes in the early two thousands. Nowadays these are one of the best selling toys in online shops. How can they come in your home?

  • Preparation. Amigurumi are made with a single crochet hook and the size of the hook depends on the size of the toy that you want to make. You can find tutorials online for various forms and animals. As a tradition amigurumi are anthropomorphs but using your imagination you can create little stuffed girls and boys or flowers.
  • Making. Think of the design that you want to recreate. According to it pick a couple of balls of yarns in different colors. Try at first with something smaller. There are very cute baby turtles of about two inches that won’t take you much time and won’t occupy much space. For them you need needle with size two and a half and of course some cotton for the stuffing.
  • Specifics. Amigurumi can be made of one or a couple of sections. To master this knitting art, you will need to give it a little time to watch and learn and then to practice. So leave the upholstery cleaning London for a while and start practicing. When the doll is crotched, it is worked as a spiral round so it can stand. Crotch it tight so it won’t get loose and the cotton won’t go out.
  • Fantasy. In the beginning the amigurumi have been typical animals but nowadays you can see popular characters like Batman, Pikachu or the Minions. It can be cheap way to make your friends happy even if they are grown-ups. Who doesn’t like a smiley cactus?
  • Benefits. Except your pocket, knitting and other similar occupations help you calm down from the daily stress. Also the stuffing from these cute dolls can be taken out, which makes them very compact and easy to move. So when your end of tenancy cleaners London come, just collect the amigurumi in a box or bag.

In the present we understand toys only like children’s game. We forget that once upon a time dolls are being used for spells and rituals and that they wear certain emotions. So knit with love and give it to a friend. What better gift than that?