When is the best time to replace these common household items?

Best time to replace common household items

There are a lot of household items that you should replace occasionally. Usually people tend to forget that everything has its own limited lifespan and use things until they are in pieces or no longer safe to work with. There are some certain things that are good to go only for a month. Read on and check the list with these items and the best times to replace them.

1. The things you should change in less than a month are your shower loofahs, kitchen sponges and baking soda. But why?

Let’s start with the shower loofah – bacteria absolutely loves to grow in the moist environment it provides. They will hide in the nooks and will present potential hazard every time you use it. Another thing is that loofahs are prone to mold and you will notice an unpleasant smell of mildew in no longer than two or three weeks.

The same applies for your kitchen sponges – they are damp and porous which makes them bacteria’s favorite place to inhabit. The worst part is that if you use this grimy sponge to clean your countertops or any other surfaces, you will just spread the germs around. In order to keep the sponges clean, disinfect them in the microwave. Run them for 2 minutes on high setting and let them cool before you use them again – this will kill most of the bacteria. Replace them once a month as they tend to become smelly.

If you keep a box of baking soda in your fridge or freezer to absorb the odors, better change it at least once a month for best results. Over time baking soda loses its de-stinking power so it will be pointless to keep it in the fridge for more than a month.

2. The household items you should change every thre to six months are your refrigerator water filters, toothbrush and HVAC filters. Why?

If you don’t change your fridge’s filters you are actually adding unsafe stuff back to your water instead of filtering it. Not changing it leads to bacteria buildups and mold and this is not why you keep the filter in there, is it?

The British Dental Association advise to replace your toothbrush every three months. Over time the bristles become worn and they won’t be able to clean your teeth as good which may result in cavities and decay. However, instead of throwing away the toothbrush, your domestic cleaners recommend using it to clean hard to reach spots at home – you can clean between the tile grout and around the sink faucets, for instance.

How often do you change your HVAC filters? Little did you know that having a dirty air filter means that your air conditioner would work harder and it will waste more energy. In other words, if you neglect replacing your filters it will cost you money and some indoor air pollution is more likely to happen. If you have an allergy sufferer at home this should not be ignored as it can worsen their symptoms.

3. What should you change every year or two? The list is long – pillows, ground spices, bathroom rugs and cleaning detergents.

It sounds disgusting but all of your body oils, dead skin and dust mites are trapped in your pillow. Change your pillows and mattress tooThis is why you should wash your pillowcase once a week and wash the pillow twice a year. Replace it when you notice it doesn’t align with your spine anymore – usually the filler settles and reduces the support. The good news is that you really love your pillow, mattress or other item our professional upholstery cleaners are able to assist you with proper cleaning

When it comes to ground spices, experts say we should change them twice per year but we think this way too much. Once a year is recommended as this is when they start losing their flavor and potency. There are a lot of other options how to use these spices around the house – you can freshen smelly jars and brighten colourful clothes.

There’s no adequate explanation why most of the people neglect their bathroom mats. They are known to accumulate so much dirt and bacteria that they can’t just be ignored and left for years. Bathroom rugs provide perfect humid environment for mildew and mold. Have in mind that over time you will notice awful odors coming from it – clean your rug frequently and toss it after a year or two.

Cleaning detergents that don’t have any expiration dates are usually good for about 2 years – they lose their effectiveness and potency and may only cause some discoloration or damages instead of helping you with the house cleaning chores. This includes window cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and floor cleaning products.

4. When it comes to items you should get rid of after 5 or more years, in the list are fire extinguisher, mattresses and smoke detectors.

Fire extinguishers usually lose pressure over time and this makes them less effective and far from safe. Check the pressure once a year and replace them with new after 5 years.

No matter how comfortable once your mattress was, after several years of service it will definitely lose the support you need for your a good sleep. If you notice your mattress slacking, better think about replacing it – you don’t want to sacrifice your quality sleep and rest, right? Provide yourself a new one and enjoy your good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to clean your mattress regularly, too.

Maybe you didn’t know but a recent research showed that about one third of the smoke detectors that are 10 years old or more don’t work at all. No need to say that when it is less effective having one at home is useless. Change your smoke detector if needed!

Do you remember when was the last time you changed any of those household items? Keep in mind that replacing them frequently makes your home a healthier and safer place!