Which home items to hide and cover before the beginning of the repairs?

Renovation preparationWhen you are about to make any repairs at home, you have to prepare the room which you are going to paint. The incomplete or incorrect preparation is a sure way to fail even before you start. On the other hand, the right one will save you both time and money. Here are our tips for you:

Clear the room of all furniture, decorations, lights and other electrical appliances. The more stuff is out of the room, the freer you will be able to move around. And, of course, the less you have to worry that you could damage something. Get out the chairs, tables, paintings, photos, vases, posters, etc. Don’t forget about the TV, personal computer or laptop and your other valuables;

Move everything that you are able to move into the center of the room. That could be any type of heavy furniture such as closets, beds, buffets. If you are about to paint the kitchen, then you should take care of the kitchen appliances as well. Cover those household items with nylon. Don’t use old sheets or fabrics, because the paint will soak into them. So, that move will save you additional oven sanitising, for instance;

– Clean the premises top-to-bottom. Clear the walls/surfaces which are going to be painted. The simple soapy solution works perfectly. Use a mop or a vacuum cleaner for sanitising the floor. Clear all wooden furniture with a damp cloth. Remove all the cobwebs and dust, too. You may scrub the walls and the floor with a sponge. Finish as you rinse the walls with some pure water, in order to remove the soap residues;

Leave unpainted around 1 inch from the ceiling and from the ledge. Finally, use paper tape for all the surrounding walls, electrical switches and surfaces that will not be painted. That way you will protect them from getting paint on;

– When you are done with painting, you should run deep sanitising again. Especially in case you are a tenant, you must be twice more diligent. That will facilitate the eventual end of lease cleaning some day.

You already know the basics of the successful repair at homе. It remains only to decide when to start. Get all the necessary tools: paints, brushes, roller and go ahead, transform your house!