10 methods to raise a spoiled kid – see what NOT to do! Part 2

10 methods to raise a spoiled kidSo, here we are again. We continue with 5 more parent mistakes which lead to raising spoiled children. Be careful and avoid these methods in order to abstain from bringing up spoiled child that will soon become a spoiled adult. This person will have problems in maintaining a spouse, friendship and a job.

Read carefully and if some of these sound familiar to you, change course on time:

* First false approachchoosing fights you can’t really win. It’s at some point easy to win the battle of not giving your offspring candy for a while. But what about eating broccoli? Your little one may spit it or close his mouth and refuse to swallow the vegetable.

* Second false approachnot holding your child responsible for his actions and decisions. Teach your kid to be accountable for every choice. One example: your child has promised to help you with carpet sanitising and later it goes to play and refuse to do it. If you miss that important step of education, your offspring will learn to blame others for his mistakes.

* Third false approachgiving your kid presents for the wrong reasons. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by pitty faces and accuses. It’s not so important what gift you buy, but for what occasion.

* Fourth false approach – mellowing when your little one throws a temper tantrum is a perfect way to reward negative behavior. Thus, your kid will become an adult who will throw a temper tantrum and perhaps bad consequences will follow. Discontent of his boss in the one off cleaning company, for example, may be expressed more mannerly, right?

* Fifth false approachbehaving like a spoiled kid yourself. If you constantly whine and complain and your children see that, they will imitate you. Remember that it’s important what you do, not what you say to them.

Good luck with parenting! You can do it, believe in yourself and in your good, sweet kid!

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  • Anshul January 13, 2015

    I completely agree with all your points!! The problem that kids nowadays are so spoilt is solely because of wrong parenting! I hope more parents could look at this and change their techniques 🙂

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