3 efficient methods to curb sugar cravings

3 efficient methods to curb sugar cravingsIt seems that sugar is contained in so many common foods, that it becomes super difficult to avoid the sweetener. Perhaps it often happens to you to crave for something sweet and to eat chocolate, muffins and other treats. Here below you will find some proven methods to succeed in nipping all those pesky cravings in the bud. Read carefully and try our strategies:

* The nutritionists recommend to rely on a better breakfast. In case you are used to start your day with sweet cereal or a tasty muffin, you set up a dangerous pattern. The level of blood sugar rises very quickly, delivering a quick burst of energy. What happens several hours later? A hankering for something sweet is created. If you watch the office cleaners eating cookies, keep in mind, that they burn so much energy, that you can’t compare yourself to them. In order to break the cycle you have to eat a balanced breakfast containing a good combination of fibers and proteins. Plain Greek yogurt with fruits or scrambled eggs and whole-grain toast are an excellent choice.

* The psychologists advise to walk away. Youcan’t stop thinking about the tasty cake in your fridge? Then slip on your sneakers and go out on a 10-minute stroll around your neighborhood. It will help you to distract. It’s proven that most cravings are transient, so they just pass away a few minutes later. Or you can undertake upholstery cleaning which will take entirely your attention, because it’s not an easy mission.

* The physicians remind us to read carefully the labels. Are you aware that half of the sugar you eat comes from salad dressings, pasta sauces, bread and crackers? Keep in mind that stealth sugars are really dangerous, because they provoke your taste buds always to expect sweet foods and drinks. Excess sugar leads to various health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. The solution is to shop smart and to invest some time in reading the labels of the foods. You can also substitute some foods entirely. Fresh fruits and honey for example contain healthy sugars.

We wish you good luck in dealing with hunger for sweet foods. Keep your mind busy and you won’t feel such cravings.