3 distinctive habits of good listeners

3 distinctive habits of good listenersDo you have a friend who is a good listener? Actually listening is a real art and not everybody masters it. For some of you qualitative listening may seem an effortless task, but it’s not. In fact, mindful listening may become a real challenge, because it requires excellent concentration. Here below, you will find a few tricks which will help you to ameliorate your listening skills. Good listeners have these distinctive habits:

* They succeed in hiding the temptation to check their phone or tablet. You know that it’s very rude to check your messages and email when someone is trying to talk to you. It’s interesting that scientific research showed that when two individuals had a conversation in the presence of a cell phone—no matter if it was on, off, or even on vibrate— they felt less connectedness and empathy than when they talked with no phone in sight. It’s true that your phone represents your wider social network. So, the conclusion is to put your cell aside if you want to show yourself as a good listener. You don’t need a phone when you perform the regular cleaning, right? Do the same, when you want to focus on listening to your interlocutor.

* Good listeners listen with purpose. Try to challenge yourself to truly associate with the person in front of you. Just keep your mind focussed on the present moment, rather than letting it jump ahead or return to the past. Another piece of advice is to follow the body movements and the tone of voice to the person you listen to. In case, your mind starts to distract, just ask a question. This can get both of you back on track. Asking questions is also very important when you book a post tenancy cleaning service.

* Good listeners forget about their face – whether you believe it or not, when you bother about your face when someone is talking to you is very distractive. There is no need to wonder if you have to nod or not. Just imagine that you watch a ballgame or you eat a nice apple and the right face expression will come.

If you are persistent and you manage to focus, you will become a good listener. Good luck!