New Year’s Eve fireworks – an exciting light fairy

New Year's Eve fireworksOnly those who have already watched live these festive fireworks, know what we are talking about. Yeah, New Year’s Eve fireworksit’s sparkling, delightful and magical. Londoners are really lucky people, don’t you think. Except the wide variety of festive events around Christmas and the fantastic decoration of the city, they have this incomparable firework performance each and every New Year’s Eve. If you have the pleasure to spend New Year in UK capital, you will also experience these lovely emotions. Now, get informed and start dreaming:

* Actually, during the past several years, vogue of London’s New Year’s Eve firework manifestation has increased sensitively. Our astonishing pyrotechnics have prepared a real magic this year too. The number of people who are curious to see this event is constantly multiplying either.

* The difference is that this year for the first time, the fireworks show will be ticketed. The price of the tickets is going to be £10. This cost will be invested for administration and safety, of course. Some people may object against this necessary payment, but the good part is that all spectators will be guaranteed a wonderful view and in the same time secure night out. Around 500,000 people formed enormous crowds last year and this became a huge problem.

* Every person has been free to book up to 4 tickets since noon on Friday September 26 at If you can’t go on site to observe the fireworks display, don’t skip watching the gorgeous light show on TV.