3 ways to make work from home work for you

Home office

Working from your home can be a dream come true. It saves you a lot of time and transportation troubles, and it can also boost your productivity, provided you organize your work effectively. At the same time, it can prove tricky when you have to meet existing or potential clients and partners. You need to maintain a professionally looking environment, or you risk leaving an impression of being a careless person. And as you can guess, if you seem unreliable, you’re unlikely to convince people to do business with you.

To make work from home work for you, follow these 3 simple rules.

Keep professional and personal matters separate

The first and most important thing you need to do is to create the conditions that will allow you to keep the professional and personal parts of your life separate. 

Start by setting up a comfortable working space. It might be the entire living room, or it might be just a desk and a chair in a part of the living room. Whatever your office, you should only use it for work-related matters – that is, keep food, dirty dishes and clothes, utility bills, and distracting technologies away. 

The same rule applies to your working time. Create a working schedule that fits your preferences and working style and stick to it. In this way, you will avoid two major work-from-home dangers: working too much, which may lead to burnout, or working too little, which may lead to the loss of clients and income. A working schedule will let you achieve more in less time, as you focus on completing the most important tasks at hand and making your clients happy.

Maintain a clean workplace

To work better at home, maintain your workplace clean and comfortable.

Leaving your bedroom or living room in a mess is fine every now and then – as long as you don’t use them as your office. A messy working space leads to messy work, and messy work leads to unhappy clients.

Once you get into the habit, tidying up your workplace will take just a few minutes a day but these few minutes will put you on the path to success. Too busy? Then hire a company that offers the cleaning services you need, saving yourself both time and energy.

Organize presentable business events

If you really want to impress your clients and partners, organize state-of-the-art business meetings and networking events at your home office.

As a small business owner or a freelancer, many of your customers are probably your friends, neighbors, or people you’ve been working with for years. The strong personal connections you’ve established with them is a key reason why they trust you. Organizing business events at your home office is one way to deepen these personal connections.

But organizing such professional activities demand specific skills and proper planning. If you don’t feel confident enough as a host, you can a hire a company to do the office cleaning for you and order food from a catering firm. Whatever you do, try to keep things simple but effective.

Do you work from home? What strategies do you use to stay productive and healthy? Share your experience with us.