What not to do when removing stains from carpets

Removing stains from carpetsYou might be aware of what to do, when you see a nasty spot on your carpet, but do you know what not do? There is a bunch of contra-indicative approaches and methods into carpet stain removals and you should find out them right now. Otherwise, you risk your rugs and even more – your risk to lose the whole charm of your so-long built and created interior conception. Are you ready to make such a risk? If no, read our pieces of advice and never do the following things:

  • Don’t wait! Even if you don’t have a decent commercial product for stain elimination, do what you can. Use materials at hand and do it in the right time. The formula of successful stain removal is in these rough figures “good cleanser, hard efforts, immediate reaction”.
  • Don’t scrub. You may have just bought a brand new sponge, but don’t hurry using it on your carpet. Sometimes, the ordinary toilet paper is better. Simply blot the stain with the paper and gently remove the leftover pieces by hand.
  • Don’t over wet. Carpets do not like too much humidity and pouring an entire gallon of water will not help you deal with the grease in a flash of a second – even if the water is hot and boiled. It is better to humidify with a spray bottle.
  • Don’t air dry. Turning on the vent system and opening the windows wide will reduce the needed time for drying. However, these are not enough. Simply, remember how your expert regular cleaners tell you when the carpet will become wearable again. Yes, they do recommend you to open the windows, but, they have dried the rugs with special tools and techniques in advance.
  • Don’t mix. Just because you love lots of herbs and green solutions, does not mean they will work finely together in your carpet sanitising mission. Also, if your commercial detergent interacts perfectly well with borax, carpet may not like this combination if it is delicate.

Don’t do the things from up above and you may be able to deal with all kinds of carpet stains!