5 Great ways to clean grease

5 great ways to clean greasePizza night in the living room, quick attempt to cook a nice family lunch, messy kids and hate about regular sanitising of the kitchen – these are all factors that create lots of grease at home. It is nasty, disgusting and truly sticky. Besides, such grime remains a bad odour and a good environment for bacteria spreading.

See our 5 great ways to clean grease and finally eliminate it from your home place:

  • Flour technique. It is weird – yes! It sounds even dirtier – yes! Though, one of the most effective and eco-friendly old-fashioned ways for removing grease is the flour method. Mostly, you can apply it if the grease stain is fresh. Simply, sprinkle some flour and blot with a clean cloth!
  • Ammonia plus lukewarm water formula. First of all this cleansing solution is universal and you may actually use it during your regular house cleaning, as well. Though, it is very possible for this homemade remedy to be inverted for the grease elimination. It works fast and effectively. Plus – it is cheap and affordable!
  • Ordinary dishwashing soap. With it, you can make wonders for both – upholstery and carpets. The soapy water works even better if you add few drops of essential oils. Why not making a stain an occasion for some deodorising of the premise, as well? Good idea, isn’t it?
  • Salty Vodka Cocktail. Use it for degreasing instead of party menu. It is better to treat people with vodka and tomato juice. However, the grease removal with salt and alcohol is 100% working and you can apply it all kinds of surfaces – including hard ones like the floors made of marble and concrete.
  • Vinegar is our best friend in home cleaning. We are so used to it and we believe that it cleanses everything. People are even used to ask the professionals from Nice and Clean London to visit their house in case they cannot sanitise the bathroom or the toilet seat with white vinegar. Well, do not worry – it works finely with grease!
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