4 areas that require regular dusting

Don't forget these areas when dusting your home

Dusting is an essential component of every home cleaning procedure but you can hardly find someone who actually enjoys this activity. On the contrary – dusting is often hastily done and as a result, you live in a dirty environment despite the efforts you make to keep your place clean. Actually, the large quantities of dust around the house can have quite a negative effect on your health, not to mention that you must feel ashamed if you invite friends for a drink and all of the surfaces are covered with a thick layer of dust. Luckily, you can minimize the quantities of dust at home now that  you know which are the areas that require your attention:

  • You probably vacuum your carpet every week and arrange professional carpet cleaners London at least once a year. But do you remember the last time you vacuumed and mopped the area beneath the carpet? You probably do not as this is a place many people neglect. Don’t forget to mop beneath the carpet the next time you clean the house and you will be surprised by finding the dirt build-ups – you didn’t know they existed, did you?
  • You’d better don’t rely only on the end of tenancy cleaners London to thoroughly clean the house. Make sure you live in a healthy environment and take preventive measures. Don’t miss to dust behind the furniture and kitchen appliances including the microwave, the coffee machine, the fridge. Admittedly, these are difficult to reach areas but they are potentially hazardous to your health.
  • Let’s talk about the walls and ceilings. Once again, house owners tend to oversee them when it comes to dusting and sanitizing. However, the truth is the walls collect billions of tiny dust particles invisible with a naked eye. Even if the walls look relatively clean, it does not mean they are dust and bacteria – free.
  • Last but not least, regular dusting of electronics is as important as bathroom sanitizing or vacuuming. Get a suitable cleaning solution and clean the pieces of electronic with a microfiber cloth as frequently as you can.

These are the places that need to be taken care of if you want to avoid health issues and maintain your house in an impeccable condition.