How to grow orchids at home – smart tips

Growing orchids - tips and tricks

Orchid is one of the most delightful plants you can have at your home. They are not expensive and usually easy to take care of. Your patience may be rewarded with a whole bunch of gorgeous blossoms beautifying your living room. Here are some tips you may find useful.

  • The easiest orchid to have is Phalaenopsis – its flowers last months and the colours may vary. Planting it with care is important – try choosing a soil without a lot of chemicals. The natural fertilizers are a bit harder to find but they are the better option. Of course, be careful when you are putting the soil in a pot – make sure you put newspapers on the floor. The stains of soil are hard to be removed and you may need some London carpet cleaners help.
  • Orchids burn easily so avoid direct sunlight – the early morning sun is perfect for them.
  • Orchids like humidity so keep that in mind – you should provide them water at least once a week. However, don’t over-water them as this can kill them.
  • After your orchid is done flowering,it should be trimmed to encourage re-blooming in a few months.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the dust off its leaves when you are doing your domestic cleaning London. Use a soft cloth and be gentle so you don’t break down its fragile buds and flowers.
  • If your orchid grows big you should immediately re-pot it as it may lead to the its death if the present pot is too small.
  • The signs of a healthy orchid are slightly leathery strong stems. If the plant is dark green in colour this indicates it doesn’t receive enough light.

That’s the basics for growing an orchid at home so why not make your home a better place by having one?