Painting of your walls all by yourself – essential mistakes

Mistakes to avoid if you are painting your home by yourself

Maybe you are brave enough to start painting your walls all by yourself? This enthusiasm may  really help you achieve great results as well as failing really bad. However, don’t lose hope – everyone makes mistakes. Even if it is your first time just try avoiding the most common mistakes and you will not regret your DIY project. Check these tips out:

  • One of the most unpleasant things that can happen is picking the wrong colour simply because you haven’t sampled it first. Colours vary from the one shown on the label and the one that actually turns up to be on your wall. You will not regret spending few more pounds on samples in order to find the best one – every professional painting company London will give you this advice.
  • Another mistake you can make is ignoring the colour of the ceiling. You will be far from satisfied if you don’t combine the colours right and end up with clumsy interior.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest paint and brushes – you may think that you will save some money on paint, for instance, but actually the little more expensive ones provide better coverage (which means fewer coats). Low cost brushes will also give you up as they are more likely to leave streaky marks on the wall. You definitely weren’t striving for this.
  • Do you save the paint leftovers properly? You can’t be sure that you will not need some paint later whether for a small stain coverage or a nail hole you want to be gone. Do not expose the paint to extreme temperatures and keep it in mason jars for an easy reach.
  • Last but but not least, if you are not confident enough with your craftiness, bet on the residential renovation services London – choosing professionals always seems to be the best idea.

Now you should consider yourself ready for the home project! Use these tips and paint your walls by yourself without any problems!