Extravagant ways to personalise your home decor – inexpensive ideas

Extravagant ways to personalize your home interior

The unique and personal home decoration is definitely something to be proud of. If you are not only being creative but you want to be considered extravagant and fashionable you can check these ideas out.

  • Why not having own movie theater at home? And you wouldn’t believe but made out of pallets. You should simply find 6 pallets and paint them in a colour you like. Place them in front of the TV like that – 4 of them to form a square and put two of them as a back row on top of the others. To finish your personal theater you should put pillows on top – you decide whether you will buy them or you will make some out of old clothing and fill them with foam material. The best part – you can throw the pillows in the washing machine – a lot of efforts saved when it comes to the domestic cleaning Fulham.
  • Do you have a flat screen TV? The answer is most likely to be yes. Be different and frame it using molding trim. Again you should pick a colour you like but try choosing something that reminds of a picture frame – dark brown or black will make a great one.
  • You can’t afford a plush carpet? Don’t worry – here is the cheap version as effective as the expensive one. The trick – carpet padding. Go to your local carpet store and check for some remnants. They are usually inexpensive and the plusher it is, the better you will feel walking on the soft new carpet you have. Just make sure you cut the padding a little bit smaller than you carpet is and put it under. When it comes to cleaning you can ask your carpet cleaners Fulham whether you should treat it the same way or you can even throw it in the washing machine!

Well, after you read these ideas you can go and beautify your home – who says you can’t be extravagant on a low budget?