5 pretty patterns to use in your home

5 pretty patterns to use in your homeDecoration and original designs make a house look like real home. And no matter how easy this process sounds, it is complex and artistic, which makes it quite difficult and serious. Except for choosing the right colours for a premise, as well as adding pieces for adorning, you can also consider patterns in the room arrangement. We will now share you 5 pretty patterns to use in your home. Take a look at them and choose what suits your preferences and domestic style at most:

– Polka dot. Getting deeper and deeper in all aspects of life, Vintage style has fascinated the entire globe. After being used in all the clothing industry, now, Vintage moves towards the home interior designs, as well. And polka-dot conception is a universal part of the Vintage style by all means. Use them anywhere – from the dish set purchase to wallpaper picking up.

– The stripes. Ordinary, but quite original, when being added in artistic way to the interior design, the stripes are very suitable for all kinds of premises and styles. For example, get a sophisticated striped rug from natural materials and add a luxurious, but modernistic look to the living room. Dry carpet cleaning, though, will be essential for the rug maintenance.

– Watercolour ideas. These decors and home items are romantic, delicate and chic. They make the room look warmer and cosier. Adding a piece of watercolor painting is already enough to transfer a boring room into an artistic nuke for creative work and relaxation.

– Real art. Speaking of creativeness and originality, a real art is also a pretty pattern for the room decoration we really love. If you are a big fan of paintings, hang a set of them in a classy mosaic order on the wall.

– Animal prints. They are fancy, luxurious and parts of the latest fashion trends. Imitate leopards in the living room for adding some super fancy air in the room. If you prefer the neutral black and white zebra pattern, rely on professional home cleaners to maintain the purity and hygiene.