How to set the table in a vintage style

Vintage style tableIf there is a part of the house that you can fall in love at first sight, it is a vintage-style kitchen. Neutral colours, carefully designed details, floral motifs and beautiful metal decorations are the secrets of the popularity of the vintage décor. Here are some tips on how to set the table, if you are vintage-obsessed:

– Let’s begin with the tablecloth. Roses are characteristic of the vintage style and now they are back to enhance your clothes and homes. Motives of this aromatic flower can adorn just about everything at home and the tablecloth is no exception;

– When you arrange your table, remember one ‘golden’ rule: never combine streaky with streaky. This means that if your utensils are in several colours, the tablecloth must be plain, in the predominant tone of the dishes. And the opposite: if the tablecloth is patterned, dishes have to be monochromatic;

– If you are a real fan of vintage style, undoubtedly you have furnished your entire kitchen that way.  Antique cupboards, chairs and of course, stove are mandatory. Whenever you don’t have time for deep sanitising of each and every item in the kitchen, you can trust the oven cleaners to make it easier for you;

– Be careful with the fiber paper towels. If you do not have a set with a tablecloth, never put striped napkins on the floral tablecloth. When you plan an important dinner at home, place the napkin into a special metal ring on the left side of the plate. The ring must be golden or silver depending on the cutlery. Paper towels can also be folded into interesting shapes. They are placed on the table in front of each guest or a family member.

– Plates, glasses, utensils – all of them must be retro to stick to the vintage style. You may find them in specialised antique shops, sales or even online. It is a matter of individual choice and taste. Such cutlery is valuable; always keep it in a flawless condition! You should pay special attention to it, when running domestic cleaning at home;

– The additional decoration of the table includes candlesticks, vases with flowers, cards with the names of the guests, the glass pebbles, etc. If you place a bouquet of flowers, then choose ones with a light fragrance. It should not interfere with the flavour of the food. Vases must be made of porcelain and not too high because this will make communication harder. The same goes for the classic metal candleholders.