Healthy rest is also important

Healthy restSince kindergarten children have been thought that to grow up healthy, there should be a regime that consists of activity and rest. But how to get healthy rest when you are grown up with a lot of stress and bunch of problems? There are a couple of things that you can do to prevent stress to ruin your healthy life. Besides if you don’t get sufficient rest you will most probably lose the effect of the other healthy things you do like nutrition and sport. Check out our valuable tips:

– Leave it behind. Make a border to which you take your professional problems and stress. If you work in office or factory, try to leave work there and to get home to your peaceful harbor to relax on maximum. Also while at work, use the break properly (not to catch up with work, but to rest) – eat snack, walk around the hall, spread your arms and legs.

– Give mind a break. Sometimes rest doesn’t mean sleep. Sometimes it’s just cut off from the surrounding. It’s a kind of fast meditation. Take an object around you and concentrate on it. Try to separate it from everything around – look at it, hear it and take deep breath meanwhile. This exercise will help your mind to relax and will enhance your working abilities.

– Arrange the bedroom. The best we rest while sleeping, so we all need the right place to do it. Invest in quality mattresses and bed linen for comfortable night sleep. Avoid too much objects in your sleep room and perform regular steam carpet cleaning, especially if you have kids and pets.

– Make routine. Autopilot mode works only when you perform repeating actions. Make “ritual” for sleeping – make yoga for couple of minutes, wash your teeth and get your PJ’s on. These will set your mind on sleeping vibe.

– Use fragrances and aromas. Esoteric qualities of many plants and substances have been known for centuries, make them work for you. Try them out at the special shops and pick a couple for the occasions when you need relaxing, energising or another thing. For best effect, spread them after your regular home cleaning via candlesticks, vaporisers and so on.