Smart decorating ideas to make your bathroom kid-friendly

Kid-firendly bathroomBathroom is one of the “sacred” places inside the home and most people avoid taking away its aura by adapting it to their growing family. So bathroom remains sterile and… a bathroom. It’s not amazing that some children hate bathing in such serious and cold (in atmosphere) place. If your home is with just one bathroom, you can still add some elements that will make it more welcoming to children without giving the grownups the sense that they walk into amusement park. See what you can add.

– Base start. If you are approaching major bathroom renovation, use the opportunity to include some children-friendly pieces. You don’t need to gather all the colours of the rainbow or make everything colourful. You can make an edging with pattern tiles – flowers, sea stars, fish or waves – any of these will ease up the potty training if you are on that stage with your kid. Also bathroom is considered one of the scariest rooms according to children (after the basement, the attic and the closet) if there isn’t natural light. Think of light with movement sensor or make light key on reachable level for the little fellows.

– Easy changes. If you cannot adjust the base, change the cover. In bathroom’s case – the rugs and the shower curtain, along with the movable accessories – these can be attractive for the children with infant motives. On the market you can find thousand solutions with variety of favorite cartoon characters – Winnie the Pooh, the Cars or just any cute animal you may think of. Look carefully and you can find some really great bargains. Imagine how fun cleaning carpets may become if you have to take care of cute fish instead of blunt square rug.

– Use available materials. The shells from last year’s vacation, child’s drawing, dried flowers or just a couple of interesting rocks in a jar – there are a lot of things you can use for decoration without special purchase. Even the old long-necked Diplodocus that your child no longer plays with can become toilet paper holder if the size and the weight are right.

– Stick it. If this is not your permanent home, you can use stickers to improve the atmosphere. Choose the ones that are specially designed for bathrooms. They can be a bit more expensive, but at least you won’t scratch yourself out during end of rental cleaning. Except thatthey won’t fall alone when you don’t want it.

– Useful. Think of things that children may need – ladder to reach the sink, pot and so on. Their place is in the bathroom, find room for them.