5 ways to remove the smell of your oven

Bad odors in oven - get rid of them

Maintaining your kitchen appliances in a good condition undoubtedly prolongs their lifespan but unfortunately not many people take regular care of them. Remember the last time you cleaned the fridge or the oven thoroughly? You probably do not and think that things will take care of themselves. Let’s concentrate on one of the most tedious cleaning tasks – namely the oven cleaning. If your meals smell like burned grease, it’s time to pay attention to the oven interior and remove the unpleasant smells. Below, you will find easy, inexpensive solutions that can do miracles with the oven.

  • If you prepare grilled chicken or fish and bake a cake on the next day, you will be disappointed as your cake will absorb the smells and basically, it will be uneatable. That’s why you have to be proactive and do your oven cleaning Clapham procedure as soon as the oven cools down.
  • Have you ever heard about the great job the mixture of salt and baking soda does? That’s the easiest and at the same time the most effective solution. If you wish, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice as it will lift the grease in no time. Apply the mixture and leave it for about one hour. Then, gently remove the dirt with a sponge or a cotton cloth.
  • If you are about to move out, you have to know that most companies that provide end of tenancy cleaning services Islington make you book a separate oven cleaning procedure, so you’d better take care of that issue before you find yourself pressed for time.
  • It is really important to clean not only the exterior of the oven but to take care of the racks as well. Soak them into a solution of lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid. If necessary, scrub them with a mixture of salt and baking soda.
  • You can apply the aforementioned tricks for cleaning your oven as well.

Don’t ruin your meals just because of the unpleasant smell when you can remove it without buying a bunch of expensive detergents. The more often you clean the oven, the easier it will be to maintain it spotless.

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