What we can do to reduce house dust

Efficient durst removing

Dust accumulation is one of the main problems every household has. Dust causes allergies and respiratory diseases and apart from that, makes the house look really badly maintained. You probably get really irritated when you dust all surfaces and they are covered with dust on the very next day and look like they haven’t been treated for ages. That’s a really unpleasant situation and you think that the only way to keep the furniture dust-free is to walk around the house with a rug and cleaning product. Actually, there is an easier way but it requires you to be persistent:

  • No matter if the sun is shining or it is snowing outside, make sure you leave the windows open for at least 15 minutes a day. This way, you will let the fresh air into the room and the dust accumulation will be minimized.
  • All too often carpets are compared to a sponge that absorbs all kinds of dirt and dust. Unfortunately, vacuuming is not enough and you might be surprised to know that only professional carpet cleaning machines can completely extract the dust from the carpet fibres. In point of fact, professional cleaning procedures are recommended at least once per year.
  • Your comfortable sofa and armchairs are yet another spot that attracts tons of dust particles. The same rule applies here. Upholstery cleaning service Fulham, performed by professionals is the most effective solution.
  • Change your bedroom sheets regularly and shake off the blankets and cushions every other day as they accumulate a lot of dust as well.
  • While you do the weekly dusting don’t grab the first rug you see. Use a microfiber cloth that is especially designed for dust cleaning purposes. Your office cleaners Clapham also use microfiber cloths.
  • Don’t throw random stuff at the closet. Take your time to organize it. You will not only save some space but you will also find a desired item easier. Not to mention that you can cover up your stuff to avoid thorough dust cleaning after that.

You can never completely win the battle with the dust but if you follow these tips, you will reduce the time you spend in dusting. Pay attention to the places where dust settles and remove it in a timely manner. That’s a great step towards preserving the health of your family.