6 friends, which every mother needs

6 friends, which every mother needs

The fact, that you became parents, does not mean that you should limit your social contacts or forget your friends and family. See 6 types of friends, which every new mother needs:

* Girlfriend with a child of your age

She understands perfectly because she passed through the same stages that you do. You can exchange advice and experience, to learn together how to be parents and to help each other. Moreover, if you need relaxation, you can leave the child in her arms. Plus children of similar age make friends more easily, as they are fellows in games.

* Girlfriend with older child

It’s nice to have a friend to serve as your role model. She has already gone through a difficult phase of being a young parent. Observing how she behaves with children and how to react separate “crisis” situations, you can draw out lessons on which to rely in the future. Her experience and knowledge are a powerful weapon that can come in handy.

* Girlfriend housewife

Girlfriend housewife, whether there are children or not, she understands perfectly when you speak about ordinary daily tasks. She may help you with finding reliable steam carpet cleaning provider. She can share your recipes for quick meals, as well as delicious and easy desserts tricks.

* Working mother

Working mother will teach you how to manage your time and that there is a way to combine a career with the role of a parent, as long as you wish. She will give you important information about kindergartens, study halls, nannies and schools because with her limited free time she had to be aware of these things. Working mother is aware of the deadlines for enrollment, and legal information related to the granting of aid and children. Perhaps she even knows the local upholstery cleaners, who knows.

* Girlfriend without children

Although the role of the mother is the most important and favorite of many women, it is good from time to time to take a break from it. You can meet with your friend who has no children, you can talk to her about the typical female subjects – fashion, hairstyles, shopping, gossip, not interfering words such as breast feeding, raising kids.

* The friend that knows you from child

It may be a combination of all the listed so far. More importantly, she knows you before becoming a mother and knows your secrets and fears. She is aware of your problems and will listen if necessary. She will give you advice and will not blame you if you tell her you’re tired or you need a vacation.

If you have all these types of girlfriends, you are really lucky mother.