Shower curtain – pros and cons

Shower curtain - pros and consCurtain in the bathroom is a practical accessory. For many households, it is a relatively inexpensive way to form a shower or bath space and to hold water in it. Some people deny its profits. So, let’s take a look at both – pros and cons.

* Benefits of shower curtain. Firstly, it is at affordable price – you need cornice, curtain and reliable master. Besides protecting the laundry room from the spray and drench, its design nowadays becomes more creative. When you purchase it, it is possible even your choice to be hampered by the teeming variety of textures, patterns, figures and images, texts and stories from books and movies that can be complied with the style and color of each bathroom. But there are some features that should meet before you decide to buy. According to the materials from which shower curtains are manufactured, shower curtains are divided into two groups – made of fabric (cotton, polyester) and made from PVC. The former are more stylish, thick, heavy and expensive, suitable for long-term use. Curtains, whose composition is of PVC are cheaper and lighter, but with a shorter life. Perhaps even the carpet cleaning specialists know that.

* Disadvantages – mold and microorganisms. The biggest disadvantage of the shower curtains is undoubtedly that they provide a favorable environment for the growth of microbes, bacteria and especially mold. Well, with the naked eye you can not see these microscopic crawlies. We can not prevent them for a very long time, but the weekly cleaning of the curtain is mandatory. Daily ventilation in the bathroom and drying the curtain after each shower are compulsory cares if you do not want mold to come too soon. By the way, mold is a big problem when post tenancy cleaning procedure must be performed. Again there is no guarantee that stubborn stains will not occur even after diligent efforts from our part.

So, what is your choice? Would you use a shower curtain or not?