Smart ideas for sweet handcrafted Valentine’s day decorations

Smart ideas for sweet handcrafted Valentine's day decorationsDon’t you think, that it will be wonderful to make some handcrafted decorations and gifts in order to have a great celebration of St. Valentine’s Day? This way you will express your love and you will surprise your better half. Check out these wonderful suggestions:

3-D card and centerpiece display. You canmake this super original mantel display thanks to simple cutout 3-D cards. Firstly, print your template on plain paper. After that, you have to cut out along the firm lines. Continue by tracing your template onto 12×12-inch cardstock. Just cut out and fold and you’re ready.

Valentine’s Day vase display. You surely have some old bracelets, necklaces and even earrings, which you think to get rid of. Don’t do that, but give them new life by using them for adornment for a vase. It’s recommended to use jewelry or glass glue to secure chains to the vase. You can try to make some simple designs, letters and numbers. After the glue is dry, you can paint with glossy colours. If you spill some glue, perform quick house cleaning and relax.

Valentine’s Day bouquet from cupcakes. You haven’t bought flowers? Don’t worry, but make this edible bouquet from sweet and tasty cupcakes. Start by preparing the muffins and bake in 24 paper liners as being careful not to overload the bake cups. Then frost them, then put some scraps of florist’s foam in the base of a 6-inch pot to use it as a base. Continue by sticking some wooden skewers in the scraps. After that you have to set a small foam ball into the pot. Imitate leaves and hide the gaps by tucking green tissue paper between the cupcakes. If your kitchen is a mess after this procedure, call the local one off cleaners!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with these amazing DIY decorations!