7 people a woman needs in her life

7 people a woman needs in her lifeWe all have a big list of important people we cannot live without. Some females are more connected with their moms, but others prefer to have a dog and to share with it everything – from all the love disappointments till the jogging area in the neighbourhood. According to a recent research, though, these are the most common 7 people a woman needs in her life:

– Gay best friend. He’s not just that support everyone need. He’s the one, who knows what a woman wants to hear and will say it daily. Plus – is there anyone else, who can give you a better advice for an outstanding night out outfit?

– The friend from school. She is probably the best listener you can ever have. This is so, because she has heard your regrets more than anyone else. And this is the only girl you can actually tell everything.

– The neighbour. Even though you quarrel almost every day for so many sorts of things, she is irreplaceable. Yes, you do tease each other. Though, you are the only one who helps each other when an outdoor winter, snowy carpet cleaning season comes!

– The artist. Everyone knows at least one creative and artistic person. And everyone needs a person to get destructed by without hearing over crying babies, unwashed laundry and other stuffs from the daily routine.

– Mom. There’s no need to say it, but we will – a girl’s best friend is mommy! No one can steal this away from them. And every man can ruin a friendship between two women!

The maids. Contemporary busy life has made cleaning ladies equally important as the manicurist for a woman.

We have to admit that no woman can live without competition in her life. If this woman disappears, a woman will stop taking of her perfect appearance. She will simply stop wanting gaining more and more!

And what about you? Do you have all of these people in your life? Can anyone add someone else that really matters to a woman? Don’t be ashamed, but share with us!