8 cleaning hacks for lazy housewives

Cleaning tips for lazy people

Nowadays, there are many lazy housewives. What about you? Even if cleaning is not among your favorite activities, you can easily keep your home tidy, if you follow a few recommendations. You might be surprised how few tips can save you hours of cleaning:

  • Make your bed every morning – your bedroom will look much tidier, if your bed is fixed. Take a few minutes after you wake up to this task, because if you finish it in the morning, the mess in the bedroom will be reduced.
  • Immediately clean dirtiness – if you notice dirty spot on any item, do not pass by indifferently, and immediately clean it. This will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Oven cleaning. It will only take a few minutes, but this will keep the space around you clean instead of waiting a day out of the week, mainly to clean. The same rule refers to carpet cleaning Chelsea.
  • Wash every day – if you have children it’s much more practical every day to run a washing machine with dirty laundry. Do not leave everything for the weekend.
  • Don’t hesitate to get rid of unnecessary things – look around the rooms in your home for unnecessary items and discard what you do not need. Universal rule is that the less the furniture in a room, the more it is clean.
  • Wash the dishes after each cooking – do not gather dishes in the sink, or even just a few, it is better to wash them immediately rather than later to fight with piles of dirty plates and cups. It will make you feel desperate. Your end of tenancy cleaners Ealing will give you the same advice.
  • Arrange your belongings carefully – even anywhere to be perfectly cleaned, your home will not look good if your belongings are scattered. Take a few minutes to put everything in its place.
  • Clean with music on – if you listen to music while you clean, you will be much more energetic. This will lighten the boring activities and will make them more enjoyable.

Follow these simple rules and you will be amazed how efficient they are.