Back to school – tips for kids and parents

Back to schoolWhen the summer heat is going away, nostalgic smiles appear on the faces of everybody thinking about the sun, the summer nights and endless games in forests, fields and beaches. Some people take the change from hot summer to rainy autumn easily, but for some the transition from careless play and lying on the sun back to office work, domestic duties and classes is accompanied with a lot of stress and unpleasant emotions. Is there a way to make it smoother? To avoid the headaches, the irritation and the fatigue?

– Do it step by step. Start from before the holiday – don’t just lose control and leave all duties for another time after you are back to work mode. Even the children should have their part of “to-do”-s – reading, keeping their room in order, taking the dog out, etc. This will reduce the stress levels when you need to go back from leisure to work.

– Keep the memories. Object or an image that will give you happiness. It will get you back to that moment when your kid was hanging from the branch head down pretending to be Batman without breaking his neck or your little girl running around chasing butterflies. Don’t bury everything away to closets and boxes. Shells and dry branches or flowers make great decoration and family gallery hanging on the wall is always a nice touch.

– Don’t separate. If you spend all the holidays in close contact with your partner and your kids, try to keep that. Don’t just send the children to their room to write their homework and you go to the working area, doing your things. Keep the communication going and try to give as much time as possible to each other. Make a ritual to dine all together once a week and family dinner at home every other night with everybody present.

– Home care. Make something like starting point – full house cleaning or just occasional activity that you do a couple of times a year like windows washing or carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners advise to take care of your carpets at least twice a year and depending on the fibers and the condition of the rug, even more often. Don’t let anyone out of that process. This will help you set back to working mode.

– Start new projects. This will help you to overcome the boredom that you are getting back to something old – subscribe the children to a sport or course they may enjoy – swimming, painting, dancing and etc. You do the same – expand your view constantly and make good use of the energy you stored during the holiday.

Now start working (not “get back to work”)! Sometimes the way we say things is almost as important as the way we do them. Try more positive approach in your speech, you will find what great difference it makes and it will help you prosper.