Dining style in new form

Dining style in new formSeparate dining rooms in nowadays home are something rare. The more and more we fasten the pace of our lives, the more we lack time to prepare food and to carry around the house, to eat at certain place. But the entertaining at home is getting back as trend and to invite friends for dinner at your eat-in kitchen isn’t an option. What is new, what is trendy and what you should think so when assembling a fashionable dining space?

– It can be open. Indeed most people who like to entertain prefer space, not separate room, that it’s open to the living room and the kitchen, this way the communication with your guest won’t be interrupted while you prepare a dish or taking a look at the children.

– Mix, but don’t match. It is one interesting trend you can gather different chairs and a table and they will look perfectly fine. The uni-style is dead, welcome to diversity.

– Centerpiece rules. The most important thing is the table. It sets the overall impression that you get of the room, so be wise when choosing it. The shape and the size are the dominating features that you should take into consideration. Most experts advise to choose a table with the form of your room, but round tables allow accommodating of more people in smaller space. Thinking about that the recommended space per person around your table is 23 to 25 inches. Also smaller tables are easier to move if you are doing end of tenancy cleaning.

– The more, the merrier. When arranging dining space, think about some things: how often you will entertain and how many people you will invite. Some tables are adjustable but most are not, so you should keep it in mind. If often you entertain many people and you have the room to keep big tables, chose it over the one that has slide out leaves.

– Material is important. One of the latest fashions is to leave the table uncover. So you should choose material that it’s beautiful, durable and attractive. Wood, metal and plastic are the most common choices but don’t underestimate the glass the stone and the upholstery. On the market you can find some really incredible combinations, including even leather. If you are not a regular host or you take it easy, choose material that won’t cause you too much worries when you have house cleaning in process.