What housekeeping rules to forget in office cleaning?

What housekeeping rules to forget in office cleaningWorking among a fresh and hygienic environment should be a top priority for any boss and office manager. However, most of today’s companies and average firms has put this obligation over their employees’ shoulders. There is nothing bad in this, if the company has run out all of its money for social improvement in the working environment. On the other side, there are some rules that any office guy should forget before starting cleaning his own place. Mostly, he should not follow the domestic rules his family has established at home, because office isn’t a home after all. See what housekeeping rules to forget in office cleaning:

  • Making improvised DIY remedies with materials at hand. Of course, an office needs some green and toxic-free cleaning approach just the way a house does. Though, mixing white vinegar, baking soda, borax and fruit juice in the office for removing a stain on your desk isn’t very appropriate for the formal environment you work in.
  • Appointing a day for cleaning. First of all, this is impossible and second of all, even if you have the opportunity for doing it, your boss will not like it at all. He pays for working, not for cleaning. The second task is just an additional one.
  • Changing the schedule for the visitations of the professional office cleaning team. This is an option you can take the advantage of, if you have a regular maid. Though, all the employees shouldn’t have to adjust on your own schedule, right?
  • Leaving for tomorrow. We are free to do it at home – even though it is not very recommended – but here, where you exist and “live” with other people, you should better tidy up your desk and cleanse your greasy lunch stains on time!
  • Sanitising the upholstery with vacuum cleaner. You are used to this in your domestic cleaning routine, but in the office, the noise will interrupt the rest of the employees. You can, instead, equip yourself with some great commercial detergent or a dry remedy to keep the sofas fluffy and comfy!

Forget about these things in the office, but never forget to clear it up!

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