Frequent furnishing mistakes in the small flat

Small apartment ideasLiving in a small apartment is a destiny you can simply accept and live happily with. What you should not put up with, though, are all those errors that people adopt in small living spaces. Most of them narrow the domestic environment even more and some of them make it clumsy, inconvenient and not beautiful at all. See the most common and frequent mistakes in the small flat and try to avoid them in future or correct them right away:

– Too large number of furniture. The more pieces of furniture, the narrower a premise looks. This is a standard rule you need to remember once and for all. Here is an example – tiny living room can go without those pair of stools, but with one single, but spacious sofa instead.

– Ordering furniture and forgetting the emptiness factor. When you arrange the picked up furniture, do not try to fulfil each centimetre of the premise. On the contrary – leave some little spaces between them to keep the balance.

– Too many bright nuances. Avoid sparkling colours such as red, green, orange and black. Lighter shades will create the illusion of spaciousness. On the other side, you can make only decorating accents with the brighter colours – a rug, hanging decor or curtains. For a patterned bright rug, regular carpet cleaning is needed.

– Shelves aren’t for books only! As a matter of fact, you can originally save some storage space and create an artistic area. Display different things – even kitchen appliances – on the shelves and have everything at hand!

– Look for practical inbuilt furniture! Underestimating them will make you replace them with large cupboards and drawers that aren’t very useful for your small living space.

– Forgetting cleaning the furniture. Even the least dirtiness is visible in a small domestic area. Do your household chores in time and this will even help your end of tenancy cleaners in advance!